Thursday, April 21, 2011


Common moshlings
002 Chop chop (Ninja monkey) Any three dragon fruits
003 Gingersnap (Engineer cat) Any magic, any love, any pepper
007 Fifi Any pepper, any magic, any dragon
008 Squidge (flying fluffball) Any star, any pepper, any dragon
010 Snookums (baby dinosaur) Any 3 stars
013 DJ quack (duck) Any dragon, any moon, any star
018 Stanley (seahorse) any 2 love and any dragon
020 Purdy (pink cat) Any dragon, any moon, any dragon
023 *Humphrey (hippo) any daisy, any magic, any pepper
024 Angel (winged unicorn) any magic any pepper any pepper 

Uncommon moshling
027 Kissy (baby ghost) Purple star, blue/yellow star, red/purple/yellow/black magic
028* Rocky Pink Daisy, any Love, any pepper
030 Lady Meowford (white cat) Blue moon, pink moon, yellow/purple star
034 Dipsy (pink cloud) red/pink moon, black/yellow moon, yellow love
039 Shelby (turtle) black dragon, blue dragon, yellow/blue magic
040 Doris (rhino thing) any 3 moons apart from blue
043 Blurp (pufferfish) Purple moon, pink love, black love/blue moon
047 Sooki-Yaki (ninja cat) Purple pepper, red magic, yellow magic OR Red magic yellow/purple magic black pepper
048 *Priscilla (horse) Yellow apple, red moon, blue moon
038* Mcnutty Any apple, any apple, Purple Star 

Rare moshling
050 Pooky (dinosaur) Black magic, yellow magic, blue magic
052 *Coolio (Ice cream cone) pink apple, yellow star, any love
053 Fumble (starfish)Red star, yellow love, red star/yellow magic OR YEllow love, blue star, yellow magic
054 Flumpy (fuzzball) Black moon, red magic, red star
055* White Fang Red Magic, Red Moon, Pink/Blue/Yellow Daisy
056 Mr. Snoodle (elephant) Red pepper, purple magic, blue pepper
057 *Honey (bunny) Yellow love, blue apple, purple magic
059 Hansel (gingerbread man) Blue/purple dragon, black magic, black moon
060 Ecto (ghost) Red love, blac love, pink/yellow/blue pepper
061 Liberty Black Love, Red Love, Black/Yellow/Blue/Pink love
065 Tiki (toucan) Red/purple star, pink love, red love OR purple love, blue star, red love
071 Peppy (penguin) Red/black moon, purple moon, yellow magic
072 Cali (mermaid) Blue love, pink/purple magic, yellow love
073 *Jeepers (tiger) Pink love, red/pink daisy, blue apple
074 Prof. purplex (owl) red / blue/yellow dragon, pink love, yellow moon 

Ultra rare moshlings
077 Waldo (nerdy squirrel) Pink love, purple/black dragon, red star
078 *Burnie (dragon) Red apple, red apple, blue daisy
079 *Cleo Blue Daisy, Pink Daisy, Yellow Apple
079 Gigi (unicorn) Blue pepper, red moon, yellow pepper
082 General Fuzuki (samuri) Yellow love, purple star, red pepper
083 Gurgle (pteradactyl) Red dragon, yellow magic, purple love
084 *Scamp Black Apple, Pink Dragon, Blue Moon
087 *Shishi (panda) Black daisy, yellow pepper, red dragon
088 Oddie (doughnut) Yellow star, black star, Purple star (you will probably get snookums first try)
089 Big bad bill (witch doctor) Yellow love, black star, blue star
091 *cutie pie (cupcake) pink star, blue dragon, purple daisy
097* Mini Ben 3x Black Snap Apple
100 *I.G.G.Y. (fuzz ball that bites your mouse) Purple daisy, purple daisy, black moon

Chop chop 
02 (Common)
As well as being part-time ninjas, Cheeky Chimps are full-time jokers. They leave a trail of whoopee cushions, banana skins and stink bombs wherever they go. These playful primates just don't know when to stop. So watch out or you could end up with a faceful of custard pie and a rubber chicken in your soup.
tying shoelaces together and flicking ears.
Political talk shows and runny porridge.
Most Cheeky Chimps swing through the vines of Sniggerton Wood but some prefer hiding in closets before jumping out and shouting 'boo!'
Who has Chop Chop? Has anybody completed the Ninjas Set in the Moshling Zoo yet?
Keep your eyes at hand... and on your Moshling Garden!


50 (Uncommon)
With their cracked eggshell helmets, Playful Potty Pipsqueaks are often mistaken for newly-hatched Moshlings. They claim they wear this strange headgear to protect themselves from Killer Canaries. But why would Killer Canaries want to attack? Simple, the eggshells belong to them! Potty Pipsqueaks steal them so that they can pretend to be racing drivers and spacemen.
Jurassic Bark and action figures.
Washing their paws for dinner and sausage skins.
Potty Pipsqueaks come from Make-Believe Valley, but many can be found playing in cardboard boxes disguised as spaceships, fire trucks and tanks.
Who has Pooky? Has anybody completed the Dinos Set in the Moshling Zoo yet?
Keep your eyes at hand... and on your Moshling Garden!


34 (Uncommon)
Dinky Dreamclouds dream of one day becoming Ginormous Dreamclouds, but they are far too teeny for that important job and so flutter and flap about all day making cute noises and admiring their eyelashes. Don't get them angry - they might rain on you!
Doing the splits and marmalade with bits.
Modern dance and clumpy shoes.
Dinky Dreamclouds are native to Meringue Meadow, an area surrounded by towering vanilla pod tress and wild candiflop.
Speaking of Moshlings... Don't forget to draw your own Moshling creation for the contest who has the best drawing of a moshling send your picture at
Who has Dipsy? Has anybody completed the Fluffies Set in their Moshling Zoo yet?
Keep your eyes at hand... and on your Moshling Garden!

88 (Ultra Rare)
With their doughy bodies and gloopy icing, Sweet Ringy Thingies look delicious. That's why these squishy hoops are always on the move - everyone wants a piece! It's a good thing they can blast attackers with volleys of sprinkles, otherwise they'd be extinct. If you're wondering how a doughnut became a living Moshling, don't. It will only make your brain ache.
Words beginning with 'O' and hot oil.
Purple sprouting broccoli and coffee (especially being dunked in it).
Experts believe Sweet Ringy Thingies are formed and fried in the boiling oil swamps near Greasy Geezer. But who decorates them remains a mystery.
Who has Oddie? Has anybody completed the Foodies Set yet?
Keep your eyes at hand... and on your Moshling Garden!

043 (Uncommon)
All puffed-up with nowhere to blow, Batty Bubblefish spend most days swimming around in circles holding their breath. In fact these sub-aquatic Moshlings have got such terrible memories they can't remember what it is they're supposed to have forgotten. Make sure to avoid upsetting one as they can splurt out gallons of multi-colored gloop.
Old flip-flops and…erm, can't remember.
Swallowing water and fish fingers.
Batty Bubblefish live in the foamy waters beneath Fruit Falls. Hang around and you might see one leap out of the water, blow a raspberry and plop back under.
Have you ever wondered why puffer fish are puffy (the actual fish, on planet Earth)?

Lady Goo goo: doing a secret member mission about an egg

Roxy: type in HOBIDIDANCE in the secret code area before you logon then go to your moshling garden, click on the seed pouch and plant the Radient Roxy Rose plant with 2 other random plants. then ur Roxy will come

Wurley: do a member mission about the beach and the sea

Plinky: do a member mission about the fluffie moshlings and the big air ship

The 3 plants for another secret moshling are:

Red Dragon Fruit,
Black Crazy Daisy
Pink Moon Orchid

 are very cute, cool and collectible creatures for your Moshi Monster to catch. They are obtained by planting various types of seeds in your moshling gardenMoshi Members can keep up to 6 Moshlings in their room, whilst ordinary players can keep only 2 Moshlings. Moshi Members also have a Moshling Zoo, in which they can store as many Moshlings as they can catch.
Each Moshling is very unique and they come in all different colours, shapes and sizes. Although Moshlings are different, there are groups such as 'Dinos' and 'Ponies' that are shown in the zoo. The creatures can be clicked on, inside the house or out in the zoo, and they will make a little dancing routine and perform a little song which is fun to listen to and look at. Each Moshling does a different thing.
Some Moshlings are available only to Moshi Members, as they require seeds available only at super seeds Moshi Member only store.

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